Autonoe (Nereid with her own mind) – Original


Autonoe – a Nereid with her own mind and one of the 50 sea-nymph daughters of Nereus (old man of the sea)
Mixed media on 300gsm hot-pressed Bockingford paper – using wax, watercolour, graphite, acrylic ink and paint and some Sussex clay for the water-logged hair.
‘Nereids of now’ (sea-sisterhood) is my homage to my favourite neighbour, the sea, and our coastal tribe of sea-swimmers. Particularly the women.
I am really moved when I see these stoic, rugged-up females waddling down to the water’s edge, stripping off with gritted teeth and emerging pink-faced and re-born.  I have many close friends in the Brighton tribe.
This sisterhood makes me think of the sea-water nymphs from Greek mythology, (the Nereids) – daughters of the waves, taking the sea on…in all states, then surrendering to it. Its infinite power and certainty is a blessing for a world in flux.
*Please note that in-situ images are purely an indication of how a piece may look*
Sold unframed, but if you’d like any framing advice please Ask Emma 

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Dimensions 76 × 56 cm

Mixed-media on 300gsm hot pressed (hp) watercolour paper